Good Friday - Spudley and the birds!

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Busy day, lots of sun and heat and lots of visitors.

I know some of you out there want to know about ospreys. (You could check out the internet Diana!) We are more concerned with our lovely Mr & Mrs Blackbird who have set up home in our open shed. After dinner this evening there was an almighty noise outside. Spudley had jumped onto the 'half door' at the entrance of the shed and the Mummy blackbird surely let us know she was threatened. Spudley knew she was threatened too - by us! (Needless to say, my darling Pritzel heeded our instructions to leave the birds alone .)

The birds have been so lovely. Usually Mummy is sitting in the nest ( we presume on eggs) and Daddy forages in the garden. Sometimes they are both in the garden together.

Life is just so wonderful up here in these lovely Highlands of Scotland! especially when our greatest worry (today) is the threat to wild nesting blackbirds! Who knows what excitement tomorrow will bring!

Happy holidays, readers.

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