Pritzel and the ducks

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As is our wont, Pritzel and I had an afternoon stroll in our little wood beside the Kylintra stream - a tributary of the river Spey. She was by the water's edge, perched on a large stone and leaning in to the stream to drink the brown peaty water. The sun was streaming through the trees, and with the dappled light on Pritzel and the wonderful sound of running water on pebbles, I thought, 'This really is heaven on earth'.

Pritzel tensed and looked upstream. So did I . A dull duck and her handsome drake were slowly meandering with the flow down the stream. Quite near Pritzel by now, and quite oblivious, they clambered onto the east bank - the house side. They saw Pritzel and, apparently casually, sauntered back into the safety of the stream. They now paddled upstream as Pritzel followed at a safe distance on the bank. From my vantage point above the stream in the wood, I watched for half an hour as the ducks casually moved down stream apparently without a glance at Pritzel while she, apparently without deigning to glance at them (you know what cats are like) stalked them. It was a game of cat and ducks, and most entertaining.

Eventually, I called to Pritzel and she came and twirled herself around my legs. The ducks saw their chance and paddled to freedom. In slow motion, Pritzel casually saw them off the property. What a wonderful cat - and what a wonderful day.

I hope the ducks come back!

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