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A very late Happy New Year to all readers from a very cold and snowy Brooklynn! (Cosy inside, cold out!)

Re the holiday - the flights were fine, Singapore was good fun, Australia was interesting. David was fine and happy. Journal over.

So glad to get home - I love Brooklynn.

We missed all the November snow. We missed all the early March snow as well as we were in the Isle of Arran for the 80th birthday celebrations for my mother. It was so good to meet my Swiss aunties and uncle who had come over. Last time I saw them was on our belated honeymoon to Switzerland on cheap student flights in 1971! We had all changed a bit.

On the home front we have a little bit of bad news - tragic actually. Cepe has disappeared! His brother is missing him terribly and Alan and I are so sad. The best we can hope is that he has gone to a better home. We still keep hoping he will come back. Porcini is being spoiled to bits..

At last we have had lots of the cycamores cut down from our wee wood at the back of the house. Now - what do we do with all this new light space? Having made lots of gardening mistakes in the past, I have decided to await comments from you, our gardening expert guests. Can't promise to follow your expert advice, but will surely take it on board.

We are so looking forward to seeing you all again and to making new friends in 2006. I know it is hard to believe, but in our 6th season starting on 01 April 2006, we will be the longest B & B or guest house in Grantown! We love it!

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