Socks and the mouse

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Socks, the cat that adopted us, is an excellent mouser in that she is good at catching little field mice, but she also lets them go!  Alan and I are getting lots of practice rescuing tiny frightened rodents  from behind the bookcase in our sitting room.  However, yesterday, Socks caught the escaping mouse in the back porch and rushed out into the garden with the prey in her mouth.  The little animal is smaller than her paw.

I went up into the garden to finalise the rescue  and that is when I saw the most amazing thing.  I wish I had had a camera to take a photo.  The little mouse was sitting motionless on the lawn with Socks pretending not to see it.  As the mouse made a move so did Socks but the mouse escaped under the raised strawberry bed.  Socks stuck her nose into the small space and used her paws to force the mouse out.  If only the silly little thing had stayed still it would have been safe.  It re-emerged from under the strawberry bed stood on its hind legs with front paws together as in prayer and was not just face to face with the gigantic predator, but NOSE TO NOSE!  Nobody moved.  I have never seen such a sight.  Once the spell was  broken, the mouse escaped under a bush.  

No sign of a body today I am glad to say so Mighty Mouse survives! 

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